Dýr, meaning "animal" in Old Norse, is the creation of Manya & Roumen, who set out to share their love of the animal world with others. Dýr Chocolates are homages to the animal kingdom inspired by flora and fauna from around the world.
Sculptor Manya Tessler carves the original bar prototype out of wax and infuses the sculpture with an animal's physical and meta-physical aspects. Each chocolate bar design carries a different meaning, inspired by the symbolism that various cultures have ascribed to animals over the years. After the prototypes are completed, food-grade molds of the carvings are then poured with the highest quality, most luscious dark chocolate, and hand-painted with colored sugar and cocoa butter.
Dýr Chocolates donates 5% of profits to local animal charities in an effort to give back to its main inspiration.

Dýr Chocolates
by Manya & Roumen
20 Julia Ln #323
Cold Spring, NY 10516